Between 650 and 50 BC, the Iberian Peninsula was inhabited by a civilization that, in addition to bequeath the name to the entire peninsula, has left an extraordinary archaeological heritage in the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba and Granada: the Iberians.


The Smart Way Andalusia Ibera invites the traveller to discover this widespread cultural heritage, divided into three thematic tourism sections. The “Journey to the Iberians time” in the province of Jaen, is divided into nine milestones including the fortified cities of Cástulo in Linares, Puente Tablas in Jaen and Giribaile in Vilches, sanctuaries such as the Cueva de la Lobera in Castellar, the royal tombs of Toya and Hornos in Peal de Becerro and the most important sculptural collections such as the Cerrillo Blanco de Porcuna and El Pajarillo de Huelma, which can be admired in the Iberian Museum and Jaen Museum.


The “Death Valley”, in the province of Granada, accompanies the visitor on an exciting journey to some of the most important necropolises of the Iberian world. Do not miss the sites of Galera! Finally, the section “The last Iberian lineages” in the province of Cordoba, between Almedinilla, Baena and Cabra, leads to the discovery of the final phase of the Iberian culture and the beginning of its cultural hybridization after the conquest of Rome.