Via Selinuntina

The charm to retrace a sort of “highway” of antiquity. A crucial road that the Greeks coming from the West have created to link the city of Syracuse with Selinunte, then reaching Marsala and Mozia in Roman times. A road artery still accessible (corresponding to the main road 115) to discover southern Sicily.  A travel proposal inspired by the peaceful contacts and exchanges of the past to understand today’s Sicily.


Culture, religions, styles, knowledge, languages and passions have travelled along this route. Following this path along the ancient settlements of the most important civilizations, from the Phoenician-Punic and Greek periods to the Roman one, without omitting the discovery of subsequent eras to the present day, between archaeological areas and natural sites scattered across the territory and protecting the ancient geography and cultural, gastronomic or artistic heritages originating from fruitful periods of exchange.


Among the places deserving a visit, besides Gela and Agrigento, there are Menfi and Sambuca di Sicilia, where, the Heritage Interpretation Centres are located (in Menfi at Palazzo Pignatelli and in Sambuca at Palazzo Panitteri, local museums).