Elba Island

Embarking from Piombino, the Tuscan archipelago welcomes its guests to Portoferraio, on the Elba Island. The island is closely linked to the Etruscans, who mainly used it as an open-cast mine as you can see at the Museum and Rio Mining Site. But Elba is also home to Roman settlements, such as the Roman Villa delle Grotte in Portoferraio. Portoferraio is also the ideal port built by the Medici, with the cosmopolis and Napoleonic city in memory of the 100 days spent by the great general on the island.


Elba is above all uncontaminated nature and breath-taking landscapes, nautical and land activities, delicious gastronomy of ancient origins still visible in the production of wine in amphora, goat cheeses, olive oil, honey. Without omitting a recent tradition linked to chocolate. Finally, Marciana and its territory are an ideal place to discover the ancient know-how of the island. Making a quick trip to the mainland, we create a link with the Etruscans of Cortona through a visit to the MAEC – Museum of Etruscan Academy and of the City of Cortona, where you can admire some of the most extraordinary masterpieces produced by the Etruscan civilization.