EGA – Entertainment Game Apps

Founded in 2014 by Maurizio Amoroso (CEO), Entertainment Game Apps, Ltd . is a software house based in the UK which develops video games for smartphones and tablets.

Since the very first project, Prosperity-1434 , realized in 2014 and focused on Medieval times, it has been clear that the company’s mission is to develop historical-archaeological video games promoting Italian Cultural Heritage. In EGA’s ideal viewpoint, History and Cultural Heritage make for the actual protagonists of each video game. For this reason, EGA team takes great care of every detail of the relevant historical reconstructions and the game contents are always accurately designed in collaboration with researchers and experts in the specific fields.


Till now, EGA has developed important projects directly involving Italian cultural institutions, such as the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia which endorsed and contributed to Mi Rasna , a videogame dedicated to the Etruscan civilization. EGA has also opened up to the world of children education, with the video game series Time Tales , to international projects, such as the game Mediterranean for TRAMES (smart TouRism across the Mediterranean Sea), and to initiatives dedicated to the promotion of the Italian territories, such as the video game Memories conceived for the Umbrian LAB8 Project and the development of the municipalities of L’Aquila struck by the 2009 earthquake.

Besides the CEO and Head Programmer (Maurizio Amoroso), EGA team is actually composed by the Project Manager (Margo Lengua), the Art Director (Clizia Brozzesi), the 3D Modeller (Giulia Chellini), the Social Media & Communication Manager (Alessandra Randazzo), the Music Composer (Marta Ascari) and four Historical Researchers specialised in different fields (Michela De Bernardin, Emanuela D’Ignazio, Samanta Mariotti e Nina Marotta).