Xanthi Chamber of Commerce

Xanthi Chamber is a Public Law Entity established in 1956. It is governed by a 5-member Administrative Committee and a 21-member Administrative Council. Today it counts 5.800 active members.

The mission of the Chamber is to foster economic development in the Prefecture of Xanthi by protecting and promoting commercial and industrial interests.


In order to achieve its mission, the Chamber:

  • Protects and develops industry, craft industry, commerce and the professions.
  • Provides information to producers and manufacturers about potential markets, export markets and suppliers of raw materials.
  • Provides information to businessmen about development incentives and the availability of grants and subsidies on favorable terms.
  • Provides advice and support to prospective investors with regard to available land, development laws, degree of sector saturation etc.
  • Provides information on European funding programs.
  • Establishment of Regional Tourism Development Agency
  • Participates in and realizes numerous European Programs.