Mediterranean 1200 BC: a new age is a serious strategic game set across the Mediterranean Sea and focusing on the Phoenician maritime expansion. Covering a time-span approximately from 1200 BC to the fall of Carthage in 146 BC, the game provides an engaging and original exploration of the past. Players will have the chance to follow the ancient mariner routes while discovering the many Phoenician, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman towns and emporia spread along the coasts of the Mediterranean.


The goal of the game is to develop the Phoenician settlements by implementing their trade activities and moving resources across the Mediterranean along specific routes and with historically-faithful means of transportation. Each mission consists of completing commercial expeditions by transporting goods (featured as resource-cards) from one town to another.


Special cards will be assigned to the players geolocating themselves at one of the several museums and archaeological sites partners of the game. These cards will either unlock the corresponding ancient settlements on the map or show one of the archaeological objects specially selected for the game by the very museums.


The collaboration with local museums and institutions will ensure the video game Mediterranean – and the project TRAMES as a whole – a greater impact on the communities while actively and creatively promoting the sites and their cultural heritage.

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