PleinAir is one of the most important and widespread tourism magazines in Italy and it is a milestone for those who love lifestyle based on a unique relationship with the surrounding environment.

Monthly issued, it proposes destinations, itineraries and events according to a clear and well-defined philosophy: a costumed made vacation far from the main roads and with a special attention to its sustainability.

Attached to every issue, the insert PleinAir Market is entirely dedicated to recreational vehicles, accessories, and digital products for an enjoyable outdoor experience.


Freedom, joie de vivre, the pleasure of travelling and the desire to discover new places are in fact what move our travellers: motorhomes, caravan and tent are the perfect means for a unique relationship with the surrounding environment. Our ideal reader is a traveller who is aware and eager for learning: what drives him or her to travel goes beyond simple tourism. It is indeed the chance to discover unexpected places and cultures.